About us

Braslíngua was born in 2012 out of a passion for languages.

Paulo Furtado de Mendonça ( is the driving force behind Braslíngua, with the special combination of technical insight, knowledge of marketing and sales and a passion for languages. He was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. As a student he obtained his American High School diploma in the United States. Besides 4 years of mechanical engineering at the State University of São Paulo, he graduated as an engineer in food technology, with an MBA in marketing.

Renowned companies such as Henkel and Bayer knew how to find Paulo for their international customers. Meanwhile, he followed his passion for languages. With his usual determination, Paulo managed to supplement his mother tongue Portuguese with Dutch, English, German, French and Italian and obtained the corresponding diplomas. Based in the Netherlands, he was active for more than 20 years in almost all European countries, providing technical advice and sales support.

Braslíngua, where accuracy and subtlety make the difference

Paulo’s unique practical experience in the technical-commercial field, combined with his marketing knowledge, makes Braslíngua an exceptional provider of translation services from the main European languages into European or Brazilian Portuguese. Technical drawings, diagrams and instructions are translated and adapted without problems. The standards are high. We only start working when we are 100% certain of an excellent result. This means that occasionally we may also refrain from taking on a specific assignment.

Thanks to our close cooperation and short lines of communication between translator and client, we can guarantee excellent translations within the agreed deadline, and discretion is assured for all translation projects. Braslíngua is affiliated to: